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Becoming a member

The status of individual or institutional member is reserved for institutions and individuals located in Africa. Institutions and individuals outside of Africa are being given the status of associate member.

  • Fill one of the forms attached depending on your status
  • Attach a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Provide photo identification
  • Pay the membership fee amounting to 20 dollars (U.S.) for students, $ 30 (U.S.) for professionals and $ 500 (U.S.) for institutions.
  • Sign the form and send it with the documents and payment to:

The Executive Secretary
BP 3304, CP 18524
Dakar, Senegal

To contact members, send a message to the following address:

To send a message

Membership Forms

PDF - 100.7 kb Individual membership form (PDF, 100.7 kb)
PDF - 103.1 kb Associate individual membership form (PDF, 103.1 kb)
PDF - 126.2 kb Institutional membership form (PDF, 126.2 kb)
PDF - 126.7 kb Associate institutional membership form (PDF, 126.7 kb)

Membre institutionnel (PDF, 124.5 kb)

Membre institutionnel associé (PDF, 124.9 kb)

Membre individuel (PDF, 119.7 kb)

Membre individuel associé (PDF, 114 kb)