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Call for Papers: UNILAG Sociological Review

UNILAG Sociological Review is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal that publishes scholarly works on contemporary sociological issues of development. The areas covered include theoretical and methodological issues, development, political sociology, deviance, gender, religion, family, industry, urban sociology and demography.

The Editorial Board of the journal uses this medium to call for well-researched papers/articles on relevant contemporary issues of sociological concern to be considered for publication in the next edition of the Journal,

Manuscripts should be prepared in line with the guidelines given below:

• The cover-page should contain the title of the article while information on the author(s) should be on a separate page;

• Every article should begin with an abstract of not more than 200 words (Spacing: Single-line spacing);

• Papers should be word-processed on A4 paper-size, double-spaced and limited to twenty pages inclusive of tables and references.

• Citations should be within the text with a list of references at the end of the article; - Reference should conform to APA style,

• Three hard copies and a diskette copy (MS:-Word format) of completed article should be submitted with an assessment fee of N2, 500.00 cash or in bank draft

• Authors will be notified of the status of their manuscripts.

• Articles accepted for publication should be sent with a publication support fee of NI0, 000.

Every contributor will receive two copies of the journal in which his/her article is published. The views expressed in each article are those of the author. Advertisements and book reviews are also invited.

Articles can be submitted all the year round to:

Prof. F A. D. Oyekanmi
E-mail: feduoy hotmail.com


Chinwe R. Nwanna
Business Manager
E-mail: chironwa yahoo.com

UNILAG Sociological Review (USR)

Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Lagos, Yaba Lagos. Nigeria
Tel: 4932661, 5454891-5, 4723518
Email: socdept2001 yahoo.com.uk


Call For Papers

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