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African research on aging process and intergenerational relations

Co- coordinators : CODESRIA – Oxford Institute of Ageing (OIA)

Saharan African population is under age. However, the lives of seniors in this region is characterized by the weakening of traditional family support to these groups, but also by their vulnerability to poverty and exclusion of some health services. However, the elderly contribute significantly to the well-being of younger generations of their family and their community (usually by taking care of children and grandchildren).

The African Research Network on Aging (AFRAN) - African Network for Research on aging process, seeks to strengthen and expand the limited capacity of African research on aging, health, HIV / AIDS and family, conducting a Search "collaborative" high level. Thus, the AFRAN seeks to achieve an integrated program of activities, including research and policy dialogues, a capacity building component, a training component and Development Program, sharing and exchanging information through the Internet, even a component publications.


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  • A conference is scheduled from May 30 to June 02 in the Netherlands.
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Link : http://www.ageing.ox.ac.uk/afran/in...

For further information on CODESRIA African Collaborative Research Programmes on "processus de vieillissement et sur les relations intergénérationnelles", please send a message to this address:

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