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New Acquisitions

Depending on the volume of acquisitions, the Center for Documentation and Information CODESRIA (CODICE) publishes a twice a year a list of new acquisitions that can take stock of the new titles available in the library.

PDF - 368.5 kb N° 2 2012 (PDF, 368.5 kb)
PDF - 346.3 kb N°1 2012 (PDF, 346.3 kb)
PDF - 7.7 kb N°1 2011 (PDF, 7.7 kb)
PDF - 177.9 kb N° 2 2011 (PDF, 177.9 kb)
PDF - 209.2 kb N°4 2010 (PDF, 209.2 kb)
PDF - 163.3 kb N°3 2010 (PDF, 163.3 kb)
PDF - 168 kb N°2 2010 (PDF, 168 kb)
PDF - 159.9 kb N°1 2010 (PDF, 159.9 kb)

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