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Théorie et savoirs dans la quête du développement (III)

Marcellin Vijennagni Zounmènou, Indigenous Knowledge System and African Development : The Political Roles of Oral Genres with Specific Reference to Zulu (South Africa) and Goun (Benin)

PDF - 224 ko Marcellin Vijennagni Zounmènou (PDF, 224 ko)

Kibet A. Ngetich, Indigenous Knowledge, Alternative Medicine and Intellectual Property Rights Concerns in Africa

PDF - 95.8 ko Kibet A. Ngetich (PDF, 95.8 ko)

Eric Masinde Aseka, Cross-Questioning the Moral Character of Scholars in the Light of the Challenges of Academic Freedom and Social Responsibility of Knowledge Production in Africa

PDF - 272.8 ko Eric Masinde Aseka (PDF, 272.8 ko)

Philip Ogo Ujomu, Truncated Development, Ossified Social Order and the Failure of Western Philosophies of Justice in Africa : Envisioning Authentic Development via an Alternative Philosophy of Justice

PDF - 269.3 ko Philip Ogo Ujomu (PDF, 269.3 ko)

Knowledge Rajohane Matshediso, Development and Security in Africa

PDF - 118.6 ko Knowledge Rajohane Matshediso (PDF, 118.6 ko)

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