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Guide to Authors

To have your manuscript to be published as soon as possible, it is necessary that you follow the instructions in this manual.

Publishers journals and book series involving multiple contributors have ensure that each author receives a good copy of this manual, and specific instructions regarding the amount they co - write.

The main objectives of this manual are:

  • Facilitate communication between authors, publishers and Department of Publications and Communication of CODESRIA. By submitting a manuscript well stated, coherent and complete, you will help us to produce efficiently and Fast.
  • Produce quality publications, in substance and form, a efficiently and quickly. Manuscripts anarchic, ill-prepared require considerable lead time and cost of production high teams editorial and production teams. More the manuscript is clear, well articulated, plus the copy editor and composer will be able to do their work. It is in you need to properly follow all the steps of writing your manuscript. It is also in the interests of publishers and co - publishers insist on the proper submission of manuscripts before submitting them for publication in the CODESRIA. Manuscripts sloppy you may be returned for revision, which significantly retards the process of evaluation and production.
  • CODESRIA help achieve its objectives as the main editor of the best academic books on Africa and Africans.
PDF - 889 kb Guide to Authors (PDF, 889 kb)

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