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Publications Policy

Tuesday 23 December 2008

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
(CODESRIA) was established in 1973 with a clear mandate to promote the
production and dissemination of multidisciplinary social research by African
scholars. It was tasked with the responsibility of doing this simultaneously
with an investment of effort in transcending the various barriers
of language, geography, discipline, gender and generation that hamper
cross-national African networking for the advancement of science. In the
early years of the existence of the Council, most of its energies were, naturally,
invested in the definition and implementation of the pan-African
research strategy and agenda that inspired its founding and which was at
the core of its mandate. To be sure, the results of the research which it
supported were published and distributed within the limits of the modest
resources available to the Council in its infancy. It was much later, however,
that a concerted effort was made to develop a comprehensive publications
programme and strategy which culminated in the recruitment of
full time professionals and senior scholars dedicated to the production of
books, the creation of outlets for academic debates and the promotion of a
journals programme, all this drawing heavily but not exclusively on the
results of research emanating from the networks sponsored by the Council.
This expansion and consolidation of the publications programme necessarily
called for painstaking attention to policy on such issues as editorial
philosophy and direction, institutional identity, the peer review process,
quality control, and distribution and dissemination. This document
presents the core elements of the revised, updated, and codified statement
of mission, objectives and practices of the publications and dissemination
programme of the Council. The policy framework remains faithful to the
ideals for which CODESRIA was established and it seeks to enhance the
reach, diversity, visibility and quality of research produced from perspectives
that are shaped by the contexts and experiences of the peoples of

For further information on the CODESRIA Publication Policy, see the following document.

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Publication Policy