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CODESRIA helps African researchers by designing appropriate research training programmes.

The activities that CODESRIA has developed and promoted to support this mission range from scholarships and small grants for thesis writing in African universities, organising several thematic annual ’institutes’ focused on specific issues, funding Methodological sessions through scholarships for specialised research, holding an annual Campus of Social Sciences, launching an initiative on the Intellectual History of Africa, and the launch of the textbook publishing project.

Through these programmes, CODESRIA simultaneously strives to identify and meet the needs and interests of young African researchers as well as experienced African researchers.

CODESRIA’s training activities are designed to serve the needs of the social science research community, mobilising and bringing together active researchers on the continent to acquire scientific tools for conducting social research.

The objectives of CODESRIA’s training activities are namely to respond creatively and quickly to training needs of African researchers, while encouraging innovation and experimentation in the development of new activities designed to address the constantly changing field of social science research on the continent and the wider international system.

It should also be noted that the development interventions of CODESRIA’s ability to build research capacity is closely linked to the changing context of education and training in African universities. Programmes are developed to fill the gaps, strengthen new and interesting trends and encourage innovation and originality.

To see if there is currently a call for applications for a training activity, please consult the Announcements section. For further information on research training programs, send a message to the following address:

To send a message

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