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The CODESRIA Publications Program has been designed to disseminate the results and ideas generated by networks of research institutions, seminars, conferences and other scientific activities.

Given that one of CODESRIA’s principal objectives is to promote the publication based on research, and given the alarming deterioration of African university presses, this priority has become more urgent and vital than ever.

The Department of Publications and Communications ensures the quality of all publications and CODESRIA appoints editors for journals. CODESRIA publications are written in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese.

CODESRIA has, over the past 35 years established itself as the leading scholarly publisher in the social sciences on the African continent, with 90 per cent of what it publishes fed directly by the research and activities it sponsors among various social research networks in universities and research institutes throughout the continent and increasingly in the diaspora.

Nevertheless, CODESRIA endeavours to promote research and publications in the humanities, as well as to create space for book manuscripts that do not directly result from CODESRIA-funded programmes.

Some of our publications are available in full-text in open access in the section CODESRIA Publications in full text.

For further information on the CODESRIA Publications Programmes, please send a message to this address:

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