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On the basis of information products and services developped to support CODESRIA programs and more generally to serve the social science research community, the CODESRIA Documentation and Information Centre (CODICE) offers electronic resources in full text in open access.

Among CODESRIA’s main objectives is the collection and dissemination of research information for use by the scientific community primarily in Africa but also elsewhere. The Council seeks to achieve this objective by building-up and disseminating information relating to research, research training and publishing activities through its Documentation and Information Centre (CODICE).

CODICE aims to ensure that the African social research community is kept abreast of trends in the world of ideas in a global context characterised by asymmetries in the level of scientific and technical information available to researchers, and unequal endowments in the processing, storage, and dissemination of social research contents. In order to achieve its mission, CODICE pursues three strategic objectives, namely: i) Provide access to as a wide a range of information sources as possible pertaining to social science research, and identify, select, collect and process, store and disseminate the available information for the benefit of CODESRIA Programmes, the researchers involved in them, the wider higher education community, and interested policy makers; ii) Maintain a rich documentary collection of social science information and research findings by gathering material mainly produced in and on Africa through the purchase of books and journals subscriptions, and by being a depository for theses and dissertation produced in African universities, CODESRIA’s own publications output, and other documents emanating from CODESRIA exchange relations with various research organisations and higher education institutions; and iii) Feed the scientific community and policy makers with information products and services providing visibility and access to African social research activities by indexing, summarising and uploading scientific contents on the CODESRIA website and disseminating them by email throughout the continent to CODESRIA members, the wider African social research community, and policy makers.

The library is open to external users on Wednesday and Friday, from 9.00 am to 4:30 pm.

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