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Research Programmes

The basic assumptions that informed the launching of the CODESRIA Research Programme remain as valid to this day as they were in 1973: There is no fatality about the African condition, and research, properly undertaken and deployed, can and should play a key role in the social transformation and development of the African continent – as, indeed, any other region of the world. African scholars, through their research output, can and are expected not only to contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of scientific knowledge but also the strengthening of the capacity within the continent to respond to the multifaceted challenges of development that confront society. The Council, therefore, mobilises support for research in the conviction that the primacy of knowledge, and the freedom to pursue and transmit it, are indispensable to progress and advancement of any society.

The core activities within the CODESRIA Research Programme are carried out in one of the following sub-programmes:

- The Gender Research Programme
- The Child and Youth Studies Programme
- The Economic Research Programme
- The Academic Freedom Programme
- The African Humanities Programme

Programmes that also double as instruments to further develop the above programmes:

- Green Books
- Multinational Working Groups (MWGs)
- National Working Groups (NWGs)
- Comparative Research Networks (CRNs)
- Transnational Working Groups (TWGs)

Special Initiatives:

- The Lusophone Africa Initiative
- The CODESRIA-SEPHIS Workshop on Social History

Collaborative Initiatives:


For further information on the CODESRIA Research Policy, see the following document

To see if there is currently a call for participation for a research programme, please consult the Announcements section. For further information on CODESRIA Research programmes, please send a message to this address:

To send a message

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