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Annual CODESRIA Journal Editors’ Conference

Annual Conference of CODESRIA journals’ Editors

In order to develop a mutually supportive network of editors and better co-ordinate CODESRIA’s various publications, the Publications Programme organises an Annual Conference of Editors of CODESRIA Journals, at which each journal is represented by its Editor-in-Chief and one other participant selected from among the editors. Each year, the conference revolves around a selected theme considered important to journal publication.

Generally at these conferences and in general, editors are encouraged to:

- underscore, enhance and promote CODESRIA’s ideals, mission and objectives in their choice of what to published, without, of course, compromising on the need for quality and competitive scholarship; - draw from, as well as enrich, the CODESRIA peer-reviewer database managed and regularly updated by the Publications Programme; - ensure that CODESRIA journals reflect its identity in terms of logo, style, format, quality and the quest for overall excellence; - adhere to the CODESRIA style guide, and make authors, guest-editors, editorial advisory board members and typesetters do same; - enhance dissemination and marketability of CODESRIA journals by working to ensure quality content and sound scholarship; - save costs wherever possible, using the technology at their disposal; actively facilitate the online presence of CODESRIA by providing electronic copies of each issue of their journals for uploading onto the CODESRIA website for open access; and - encourage young scholars and women researchers to publish, through a supportive review system.

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