The initiative, called African Academic Diaspora Support to African Universities, seeks to mobilize African academics in the diaspora to contribute to the strengthening of African universities, the nurturing of new generations of scholars in Africa...

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Launched in 2011, with funding support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY), the HELP program sought to support research networks, policy forums and publications to document and provide an understanding of transformations underway with regard...

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With funding support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY), the Council for the Development for Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) is undertaking a new higher education policy initiative (HEPI). The program will run from 2017-2017 and will ...

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Our Publications

Strengthening Higher Education Leadership in Africa: A Study of Ghana’s Situation

John Gasu, CODESRIA, Dakar, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-86978-785-8
The liberal higher education landscape that has emerged in Africa is a product of a confuence of factors that defne the neoliberal agenda in the continent. The prior notions of state responsibility for funding higher education have largely disappeared. The hegemonic leverage that the World Bank came to wield in the scheme of higher education in Africa facilitated the minimalist approach to state funding in...

Journal of Higher Education in Africa, Volume 12, n° 1, 2014: Special Issue on Higher Education Leadership and Management

The Journal of Higher Education in Africa (ISSN 0851-7762) publishes analysis, information, and critique on contemporary issues of higher education in the continent with special emphasis on research and policy matters.
The JHEA accepts contributions in English and French from researchers, practitioners and policymakers.

Download “Journal of Higher Education in Africa, Volume 12, n° 1, 2014: Special Issue on Higher Education Leadership and Management” Journal-of-Higher-Education-in-Africa-Vol-12-Number-1-2014.pdf – Downloaded 105 times – 1 MB


Developing Sustainable Higher Education Leadership Models in Tanzania

J.F. Kessy, J.S. Kikula, A.L. Kaswamila, B. Kazimili, B.E. Mmary. CODESRIA, Dakar, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-86978-789-6
Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania are increasingly facing a decline in government subvention and reduced funding from other sources, including Faith-Based Organizations. This has led to a noticeable shift in emphasis within universities from academic excellence to income generation, with adverse effects on teaching, research and community outreach performance. This study critically engages with these issues by...

Steering Epistemic Access in Higher Education in South Africa: Institutional Dilemmas

Michael Cross, 2018, ISBN: 978-987-722-328-6
This book utilises a broadly critical cultural approach to explain access and retention. In recent years, the use of cultural approaches has made a significant contribution to how we understand societies and particularly social institutions undergoing transition. The impact of these approaches is evident in the social sciences and in interdis- ciplinary fields such as education, where different dimensions and perspectives within respective cultural approaches have...