Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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The NWGs and CRNs Coordinators’ Meeting

CODESRIA’s Research Program is organizing a methodology workshop in conjunction with the 13th General Assembly , which will be held in Rabat, Morocco from 05-09 December 2011. The workshop will bring together participants from ten (10) research networks, namely, National Working Groups (NWGs) and Comparative Research Networks (CRNs), that are selected in 2011 In total, about twenty researchers and resource persons will take part in the workshop.
This workshop aims at discussing the methodological issues raised by all the ten selected research proposals. More specifically it entails:

1) the presentation of selected research proposals for the various programs developed;

2) the discussion of methodological issues proposed by the various teams with the intent to reinforce capacities on methodology;

3) to come up with recommendations by resource persons to improve the proposals;

4) the proposition of work plans for the field works and time lines for various activities.

The themes of the selected research proposals centre around issues related to governance and development; transport policy; transformations/transitions in higher education in Africa; regional policies and economic instability in Africa; and the problem of social protection in the continent.