Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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Note to Participants

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) is looking forward to welcoming all participants to its 13th CODESRIA General Assembly in Rabat, Morocco which will be held from 5 -9 December 2011. While wishing you a pleasant trip in advance, in order to ensure that your journey and stay in Rabat is smooth and enjoyable, and that the Conference Secretariat are able to serve you effectively, we would like all participants to take the time to read this “Information Note” as it is very important.

1- Flights : in order to avoid falling victim to possible cancellation of flight bookings due to the high demand for seats associated with festive period of December, all conference participants are advised to present themselves for check-in formalities at least three hours before the departure time stated on their flight tickets.

2- Entry Visa to Morocco: All participants will receive a scanned or faxed letter indicating arrangements that have been put in place for obtaining a Moroccan entry visa. For participants coming from countries without Moroccan diplomatic representation, arrangements have been made to obtain their visas on arrival in Morocco and they should bring with them 4 passport photos. Participants from countries with Moroccan diplomatic representation are to apply directly for their visas for which the visa fees will be reimbursed on their arrival in Rabat. Please ensure that all visa receipts should be kept and presented as without supporting documents, this cannot be reimbursed.

3- Boarding Pass and Ticket Reconfirmation: CODESRIA Staff in charge of travel-ticketing will collect all boarding pass stubs on your arrival in Morocco therefore all sponsored participants should ensure that they keep their boarding passes.

4- Living expenses: Participants sponsored by CODESRIA will receive a daily subsistence allowance. All personal expenses (private phone calls, dry-cleaning services, use of the Internet, room service and bar) are the responsibility of the participants and will not be reimbursed.

5- Transportation to and from the airports

All participants will be travelling through one of the two main airports in Morocco; Casablanca or Rabat Airport. A CODESRIA team will be on the ground to welcome and assist all participants through the rest of their journey.

Casablanca airport: For those participants arriving at Casablanca airport, train services available within the airport will be transporting you from the airport to Rabat Ville train station at which point buses will be on the ground to take you to your various hotels. A CODESRIA member will be on the ground to provide you with your train tickets as well as to assist you at the train terminal and at the Rabat end.

Rabat airport: For participants arriving through Rabat airport, buses would be available on the ground to transport you to your various hotels.

6- Hotel Accommodation

Eight of Rabat’s finest hotels have been chosen to host the participants for the 13thgeneral assembly and the names and addresses are detailed below. All sponsored participants should have been informed before hand as to which hotel they would be staying. For self sponsoring participants who haven’t paid for their accommodation in advance, it should be noted that they are required to settle their full accommodation fee in full on arrival.

Hôtel Golden Tulip Farah
Place sidi Makhlouf 10
10.000 - Rabat - MAROC
Tel : +212 5 37 73 47 47
Fax : 212 537 722155 –
Web site : www.goldentulipfarahrabat.com

Hôtel Rihab
45, Angle My Ismail
Rue Al Mouyahadine - Hassan
Rabat, MAROC
Tél : 05 37 70 62 70
Fax : 05 37 72 36 22

Hôtel Mercure Shéhérazade
21 Rue de Tunis
Quartier Hassan
10000 Rabat – MAROC
Tel : +212 (0)5 37 72 22 26
Fax : +212 (0)5 37 72 45 27

Hôtel Rabat
21 Avenue Chellah
10000 Rabat MAROC
Tel : (+212) 537/70 00 71
Fax : (+212) 537/70 00 59
E-mail : hotelrabat@menara.ma

Hotel Balima
Avenue Mohamed V
Rabat, Morocco
+212 537707967
+212 537708625
Email: hotelbalima@menara.ma

Hotel Soundous
10 place Talha
Rabat, Morocco
+212 537278888
Email: soundous@soundousshotel.ma

Hotel Helnan Chellah
2, rue d’Ifni
Rabat, Morocco
212 537 66 83 00

Hôtel Rive
1, Rue Tindouf
10.000 - Rabat - MAROC
Tel : +212 5 37 20 58 26 / 29
7- Venue for the conference: All the sessions of the 13th General Assembly will take place at the Mohammadia School of Engineering(EMI) with the address as follows:

Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingénieurs (EMI)
Boulevard Ibn Sina, BP 765
Agdal, Rabat, Maroc
Téléphone (Standard) : 05 37 68 71 50
Téléphone (Direction) : 05 37 77 65 66
Télécopie : 05 37 77 88 53
Site Web : www.emi.ac.ma
Email Direction : secdir@emi.ac.ma

8- Transportation to and from the venue: Transportation will be organised from each hotel in the mornings to transport participants to the conference centre. At the end of the day, transportation will also be available to transport participants back to their hotels from the conference centre.

9- Structure of the Programme: The programme will run on the basis of a combination of special conferences, plenary and parallel sessions, and panels. Special conferences and plenary sessions will be attended by all the participants. Each parallel session features ten (10) simultaneous sessions with five (5) speakers each. Participants who are presenting papers or serving as rapporteurs and chairs of sessions are requested to please note the sessions that concern them.

10- Time management: During each day of the conference, sessions will start at 9.00hrs and end at 18.30hrs. Participants are encouraged to respect the time and be punctual or else this can have a negative impact on the whole programme.

11- Working Languages: The General Assembly will be conducted in four languages: English, French Arab and Portuguese. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all plenary sessions whilst only French and English for the parallel sessions.

12- Documentation: Conference papers will be available on the CODESRIA Web site (http://www.general.assembly.codesri...) for downloading ahead of the opening of the Assembly, during and after the Assembly. All the papers to be presented will also be copied onto a flash disc and distributed in Rabat to registered participants. Photocopies of papers will not be provided.

13- Conference Kit: An official conference kit will be made available to conference participants after they have completed all conference registration formalities. The kit will be in a bag containing conference documents and invitations to various activities, a conference badge, a Flash Disc containing conference papers and other items commemorating the CODESRIA 13th General Assembly.

14- Registration: Registration of participants will commence the 3 December 2011 from 09:00am – 19:00pm. Conference documents will be made available to participants only after they have completed conference registration formalities.

15- Membership Fees: All CODESRIA members have to pay CODESRIA membership fees. For those sponsored members who are late in their payments, the fees will be automatically deducted from the per diems to be paid by the Council.

16- Meeting Rooms: Ten rooms will be used during the conference. They comprise the main auditorium (seating up to 1200 people) which will be used for all the plenary sessions and some parallel sessions, and nine other rooms (seating about 60 participants each) which will be used for the parallel sessions.

17- Conference Equipment: A limited number of computers will be available for the use of participants at the conference venue. They will be managed by the Secretariat of the 13th General Assembly. Power point presentations can be facilitated as required.
18- Book Exhibition/Fair: A book exhibition will be held during the General Assembly. Foreign and Moroccan exhibitors will attend the exhibition. The exhibition will be formally opened in the 5th December 2011 after the official opening of the conference. Participants are invited to participate, as a number of new publications from CODESRIA and other publishers participating in the book fair will be launched during the period of the book fair.

19- Lunch: Lunch will be offered to all registered participants throughout the event and it will be served on the premises of the conference centre.

20- Coffee breaks: 2 coffee breaks will be made available for all participants, one during the morning and one in the evening.

21- Dinner: Participants make their own arrangements.

22- Closing Dinner: CODESRIA will host a closing dinner for participants of the 13th General Assembly at the end of the conference. Invitations to the dinner are to be found in the conference kit.

23- Refunds: CODESRIA will refund domestic air and/or ground transportation expenses incurred by participants whom it is sponsoring. An allowance which is fixed at the CODESRIA rate will be provided to cover travel days and road transport costs for CODESRIA sponsored participants who have incurred any expenditure. Please ensure that you keep all receipts and invoices, as expenses that are not backed with valid receipts will not be reimbursed.


24- Health Regulations: Even though vaccination cards (yellow cards) are NOT a precondition for entry into Rabat, it is advised that all participants try to get one which is up to date.

25- Climate: The period of the 13th General Assembly coincides with the beginning of the winter season in Morocco therefore temperature is expected to be cold and rainy ranging from from 15°C to 20° C.

26- Time Zone: The country is on GMT Time Zone.

27- Language: The official languages in Morocco are Arab and French.

28- Currency: The official currency in Morocco is called the Dirham. The rate of 1 USD$ to the Dirham is 8.14 at the moment however this may change in time. There are a number of foreign exchange bureaus around the town as well as the airports for all money exchanges.

29- Security tips: Like all other countries there are certain security considerations that people need to be aware and take cognisance of whilst in Morocco. Even though Morocco is a very peaceful state, it is advisable that everyone is alert whilst out in public. Avoid asking strangers for anything including directions for where you would like to go. Always try to get information from your hotels or the conference secretariat who will be there to assist you at all times.

Conference Secretariat: Effective from 30th November 2011, the General Assembly conference Secretariat will be reachable by phone in Rabat at the following numbers:

Team responsible for the overall coordination: +21 2(0)648399983
Team responsible for travel and Airport pickup: +21 2(0)648381684
Team responsible for hotel accommodation: +21 2181660865
Team responsible for the book exhibition: +21 2181660866
Team responsible for all administrative formalities: +21 2181660863

For information, kindly call these numbers.

We hope you will find this information note useful and we wish you a safe journey to Rabat.