Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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Newsletter Number 4

The lanterns of the 13th General As-sembly of CODES-RIA will go out this Friday, De-cember 9, 2011 with the elec-tion of new execu-tive and scientific committees.
CODESRIA will also work on a new charter and a new strategic plan with new priori-ties. The reports of the Executive Secre-tariat and the Scientific Com-mittee will be pre-sented to the partici-pants and will be debated among participants com-ing from different regions of Africa and elsewhere. One of the events today will be the conference of Professor JayatiGhosh, Executive Secretary of the In-ternational Develop-ment Economics Associates (IDEAS).
`She will be intro-duced to the pub-lic by Jomo KwameSundaram, a Malay-sian scholar named after two African anti-imperialist leaders.
This conference will be followed by the closing cere-mony with the closing address by the outgo-ing president. The new president and new president of the Scientific Commit-tee, the Executive Secretary and the representative of the Moroccan govern-ment were also ex-pected to deliver their addresses.
A cultural evening is scheduled from 7pm to 11pm.

Newsletter 4