Rabat, Morocco, 5-9 December 2011   

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Presentation of the City

Rabat, capital city of Morocco, is the second biggest agglomeration in the country behind Casablanca. The city was erected in 1150 and has the size of 1275 km2. It houses 1.5 million out of the 32 million Moroccan inhabitants.

As the political and administrative center of Morocco, Rabat houses the Royal Palace, government buildings and embassies. It is in this city that are found many institutions and cultural venues such as the Mohammed V National Theater, the official galleries of Bâb Er-Rouah, Bab El-Kébir at the Oudayas and Mohamed El-Fassi. Rabat has been gratified in recent years with grand cultural projects, namely the National Library, the Contemporary Arts Museum, the High Institute of Music and Dance. Important research and higher learning institutions such as the Mohammed V-Souissi University and the Mohammadia Engineering School are also found in this city. Rabat has also welcomed in 2011 its tramway system with 2 lines, each 22 km long. The city’s landscape has greatly changed through the years thanks to a sustained development.