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Here, concrete examples or case studies are presented, with descriptions of the instances of violation of rights and academic freedom within universities and research institutions. The status of the various actors in this conflictual academic scene – student associations, unions and university officials – will be highlighted and analyzed. It will also expand the geographic coverage to the study of academic freedom violations outside Africa.

8 August 2016
Zeynabou Kane

Pax Academica N° 1&2, 2015: Student and Scholar Protests in Africa / Protestations estudiantines et universitaires en Afrique

Pax Academica - Revue Africaine de liberté académique Pax Academica - African Journal on Academic Freedom

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9 December 2015
Zeynabou Kane

Pax Academica N°3: Genre et Liberté Académique en Afrique / Gender and Academic Freedom in Africa

Pax Academica: Revue Africaine de Liberté Académique / African Journal of Academic Freedom

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19 December 2011
Achille. Kouhon

Ivory Coast : From the « hidden year » to the « blank year in silence

The paper analyzes the issues of academic freedom in universities of Ivory Coast. Talk about academic freedom and social responsibility in university, is to interrogate on the status and mission of the university and the university itself. In a comparative approach, the author tries to show the level of violation of the Kampala Declaration. He examines the situation in...

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