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This section will explore and reflect on the modalities and strategies to be implemented by the community of African scholars and researchers to make a triumph of academic freedom. This will be the space for expressing original views on academic freedom and discussing the nature and relevance of the concept, why is that? From which instance social science comes from? What are its limits and what stakes doest it express? : How to define and problematize academic freedom, so that a substantial discussion on its definition and its fundamental issues can take place.

12 June 2012
Parfait D. Akana

Why do we publish? Note on Academic Freedom and change of grade in Cameroon…

The purpose of this note is to analyze how the organization of the shifting system of ranks, the absence of any real value of scientific research locally, and a lack of strategic focus for higher education and research, are factors impeding academic freedom and for democracy. This leads to many abuses and failures that do not contribute to creating a true knowledge economy...

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12 June 2012
Cheikhna Aliou Diagana

Distress at the University of Mauritania

The University of Mauritania has been going through repetitive academic and social crises for several years now. Undoubtedly, such types of crises have wider implications not only for the university but also for the Mauritanian communities al large. What happened on January 30, 2012 testified the continuity of malpractices and serious violations of academic freedom. When...

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