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Women and Power: Education, Religion and Identity

Women and Power: Education, Religion and Identity. Olutoyin Mejiuni. Dakar, CODESRIA, 2013, 236 p., ISBN: 978-2-86978-573-1

This book is a product of the CODESRIA Advanced Research Fellowship Programme

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olasupo ojo - 2013-04-09 16:27:16

What I have read so far in this book is very amazing. It is a sound research work and I am yet to encounter any of the findings and conclusions that I can fault. However, something in the preface got me worried. At page 17, the author wrote that “the research, which began in the second half of 2004, was concluded in July 2005”. My simple arithmetic revealed that it took CODESRIA, and I mean the CODESRIA a clear eight (8) years to process and publish this research work! This is unbelievable and I strongly feel that there is need for some explanation and justification for the delay suffered by this valuable publication and consequential violation by CODESRIA of the right of the public to education within reasonable time. I imagine the crude damage the delay would have done to the academic career, mentality and pride of the Author who apparently laboured hard to do the research and submit same. I strongly feel that public trust in CODESRIA has been abused by the delay and it is worrisome that the book was just slapped on the public without explanation for the delay. I feel it is unreasonable to cage brilliant ideas in the hard drive of CODESRIA while the society continue to wallow in ignorance that would have otherwise been cured. All the same, I know that whoever pays the piper dictates the tune hence I thank CODESRIA for the delayed tune which is better than none and I hope CODESRIA is happy with the exercise of its power over this intellectual product the conclusions of which I sincerely hope they do not disagree with!

alex - 2013-07-06 13:48:58

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