Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Conseil pour le développement de la recherche en sciences sociales en Afrique
Conselho para o Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa em Ciências Sociais em África
مجلس تنمية البحوث الإجتماعية في أفريقيا

Papers presented at the Conference

6–8 September 2006, Leiden, The Netherlands

Number of visits: 1807

I Academic Knowledge for Development in Africa

- Keynote speaker: Paul F. Wouters
Open Access, to what for whom?

- Open Access Inevitable for Science and Scholarship in Africa but also for Overall Development,

PDF - 39 kb
Subbiah Arunachalam

- Which Knowledge? Whose Reality? An Overview of Knowledge used in the Development Sector,

PDF - 61.8 kb
Mike Powell

- Manifestations of Scholarly Communication in Africa: The Case of the Uganda Health Information Network,

PDF - 35.5 kb
Frederick Kintu

- At the South-eastern Frontier: the Impact of Higher Education Policy on African Research Publication,

PDF - 77.9 kb
Eve Gray

- Spinning an African Academy into the World Wide Web: the Liberatory and Democratic Potential of African Scholarship in Cyberspace,

PDF - 244 kb
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome

- Open Access in Developing and Transition Countries: eIFL and a view from South Africa, Jennifer A. De Beer

II. Bibliometrics and Citations

- Keynote speaker: Peter Lor
Bridging the North-South Divide in Scholarly Communication in Africa : a library and information systems perspective,

PDF - 96.8 kb
Peter Lor

- Measuring International Scientific Impact of Local Research in Developing Countries: An African Case Study,

PDF - 153.8 kb
Robert J.W. Tijssen

- Organising and monitoring research production and performance in Africa: towards Africa Citation Index,

PDF - 118.1 kb
Williams Ezinwa Nwagwu

- Links and Web Impact of Nigerian Universities, PDF

PDF - 96.8 kb
Omoverere Agarin

- Evaluating the Success of Scholarly Publishers,

PDF - 79.8 kb
Elizabeth le Roux

- Research Unleashed?

PDF - 408.2 kb
Marlon Domingus

III. Publishing models for Africa

- La publication académique en panne: Quelles perspectives pour l’Afrique,

PDF - 86.6 kb
Jean Pierre Benoît Idrissa Diouf

- From Print to Internet – an Editor’s Experience, Cyril Belshaw
- Open Access Survey of Africa-published Journal,

PDF - 38.6 kb
Daisy Ouya; Pippa Smart

Applying the Access Principle in the Digital Age: A Case Study Approach,

PDF - 77.4 kb
Garry Rosenberg

- Institutional Repositories: Time for African Universities to Consolidate the Digital Divide,

PDF - 30.5 kb
John Paul Anbu

- Consortia Repositories and Content Management for African Scholarly Publishers,

PDF - 139.3 kb
Jacob Jaygbay

- Online Electronic Publishing some Thoughts for the Future,

PDF - 47 kb
Joed Elich

IV. The effects of ICTs on Scholarly Communication

- Keynote speaker: Olivier Sagna
La communication de l’information scientifique et technique en Afrique à l’ère de la société des savoirs partagés

PDF - 91.5 kb
Olivier Sagna

- Managing Digital Information Resources in Africa: Preserving the Integrity of Scholarship,

PDF - 206.5 kb
Christine W. Kanyengo

- The Potential for Virtual Library Services to Promote Teaching and Research and Reduce the Digital Divide: A Case Study of the University of Malawi,

PDF - 76 kb
Diston Chiweza

- Weaving Other Anansi Webs: Developing the Electronic Literary Map of Africa,

PDF - 270.2 kb
Miriam Conteh-Morgan

- Enhancing e-journal Use in Kenyan Universities,

PDF - 77 kb
George Shibanda Gundu

- L’Université Numérique Tunisienne à l’ère du sommet mondial des sciences de l’information: mythe ou réalité?,

PDF - 36.2 kb
Sofiane Bouhdiba